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Have You Ever Heard of a Long Tail Keyword?

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

In the world of search engine optimization (seo), a lot of your success depends on your keywords.

So if you’re selling yoga classes, then “yoga” would make sense to use as a keyword in your optimization.  The problem with that however, is there are 100,000’s of other people already ranking for this keyword which means the competition for this keyword is very strong.

This affects two different optimization strategies:

1.      Organic Optimization – Organic searches are hard to get for this word because so many well ranked sites already are ranking for this keyword, so it’s almost impossible to get to the ‘first page of Google” with that phrase as your primary keyword

2.      Pay-per-Click Optimization – Pay-per-Click campaigns often use a bidding process, so the single word “yoga” will be very expensive to use as a primary keyword if you want your ads “on the first page of Google”.

So now we come to the long-tail keyword.  The long tail is a group of words which naturally describe the content you’re optimizing for, so keeping the “yoga” keyword in mind, a long tail keyword for this phrase might be “beginners yoga class”.

The long tail aspect means two things:

1.      Length – The length of the keyword is usually 2 – 5 words in length

2.      Longevity – It is assumed the longevity of the long tail keyword is longer than the single phrase, because savvy searchers will abandon the single word search as long tails give more defined search results

So if you are trying to optimize your business, then think about some long tail keywords pertaining to your products and services and contact Quantum SEO Solutions if you would like some advice!

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