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Google Loves WordPress – How to Get Your New Site Indexed in Four Days

Can You Get Your New Site Indexed in Four Days?

I built my company’s website last weekend and it went live on Sunday – exactly 7 days ago.

At the time, I searched for “Quantum SEO Solutions” and found some local companies using a form of this naming convention, but my site was nowhere to be seen as would be expected for a new website.

So I did the basic SEO stuff on my site, including installing a Google XML sitemap, setting up the title headers and putting in appropriate meta-data as discussed in my previous post about using SEO for long-term marketing.

Then I started searching each day for the same search phrase…by Thursday my page was on page one slot 5, and today my site is page one slot 3.

The interesting thing is my WordPress site is ranked higher than many other sites which are older, have better page ranks and have more links!  So how did it get indexed so high?

How did I achieve that in 4 days???

Well the answer is partly due to my SEO abilities and to the love that Google gives to WordPress (WP) blogs.

Many people hear “WordPress” and immediately think Blog of content management system, but the reality is you can use WP as a primary website.  The great thing about WP is that there is a huge population of developers who have designed 1000’s of “plug-ins” which allow you to get whatever functionality from your website without using a web developer.

Yes, you’ll need to understand some basic html and how to install software, but in comparison to PHP, using WP is VERY easy!

There are specific SEO plug-ins which do most of the work for you, so all you have to do is to create some good content and make it keyword friendly.  This means using a keyword density which makes sense to the search engines.  According to my research this should be around 5%.

So if you have a page of content based on a specific product or service, make sure to use a descriptive term (a keyword) a multiple of times.  But be careful of using a keyword TOO many times!

So traditionally you would have the keyword in the title of the post or article.  Use the term once in the first paragraph, and make sure to use the word in the meta-description as well as adding it to the meta-keyword list as well as a tag if you’re using tagging.

Another trick is to then update that post a few times every other day or so.  WP has an option to add as many pinging sites as you can find, so every time you update a post, these search engines get a ping from your site, which is like a dinner bell – calling them to come see the new or changed content.

So think about using WP for your website or blog because Google loves WordPress!

Maybe you should love WP too?

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